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The Myofascial Experience's First Interview with Traverse City MI News

The Myofascial Experience may and probably will change your life!

If you are looking for a game-changer to help you become “unstuck” from physical or emotional patterns or prevent injury, then the myofascial intensive retreat is your next step.

“It’s truly life-changing,” said Patti Mielziner of  The Myofascial Experience near Marquette, Mich. She and co-owner Julie Pies created the Body Wisdom Approach (Remember/Release/Retrain/Rebuild) based upon their expert level training in the John F. Barnes method of myofascial release therapy, biomechanic functional movement training and wisdom education. The Body Wisdom Approach is a healing process to help align the fascial system and balance the physical and emotional body for those who have suffered from injury, chronic postural patterns, overuse or chronic medical conditions.

The fascial system is the connective tissue that holds every organ, muscle, bone and nerve fiber in place, from head to toe. “It’s the communication system for the rest of the body,” Mielziner said. When a person is injured, sick or has experienced emotional or physical trauma, mechanisms within the fascial system can prompt a protective response that without retraining will lead to compensation and potentially pain or injury.  

“We really believe in the intensive method because in order to break a pattern, you have to approach it over and over,” Mielziner said. “When you receive treatment once a week or once a month, it’s easy to fall back into old habits. With an intensive like this, clients not only undergo hands-on myofascial release therapy, but they also gain an awareness of why their body responds to stress or trauma in a particular way. This helps us retrain and rebuild the fascial system so people not only learn the source of their tension or pain, but also how to detect the early signs of a physical response and how to respond.

“What we do is release this protective hold to open up the fascial system to bring balance back to it so that all the other pieces of the body function correctly,” Mielziner said. “Sometimes a person will receive chiropractic care and they might feel better for a little while, but then the pain comes back. That’s because the fascial system can pull them out of alignment. If you address what’s happening in the fascial system first, these other therapies will have a much longer-lasting effect.”

The goal is to empower clients to listen to their intuition and listen to their body to understand how their physical, emotional and behavioral patterns impact their fascial system. “With this new awareness, they will develop proper healthy patterns that help them maintain a balanced healthy fascial system,” Mielziner said. “It may be a small change or a huge change, but each person walks away from the myofascial release intensive with the awareness and knowledge on how to heal themself. This is a true gift!”

Each client receives a custom designed digital myofascial movement toolbox to support their continued healing process once they return home. “We do online sessions with clients, when needed, and we maintain that connection so that if a client has tried using their toolbox and it’s not working, they’re not alone. We’re here to help,” Mielziner said. It’s one of the features that sets their work apart from other providers.

Mielziner and Pies have seen the impact the myofascial release intensive has had on clients’ lives. The Myofascial Experience’s Body Wisdom Approach has helped a woman with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis who was once unable to walk to be able to run now, and a Major League Baseball player who struggled to even move is now back in the gym.

The Myofascial Experience, Mielziner and Pies created offers three- to 10-day  myofascial release intensive retreats, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula near Lake Superior. These unique all-inclusive retreats are custom-designed for each client based upon their chronic physical or emotional pain or desire for a “life reset.”

The Northern Michigan retreat takes place in a nature-inspired, rustic setting. Clients stay in a handmade geodesic dome nestled in a red pine forest, receive homemade, organic, nutritious meals and four hours of personal healing therapy. The Myofascial Experience was specifically designed to allow the client to concentrate on their healing.

In addition to the myofascial release intensives in The Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Mielziner and Pies have created a Traveling Myofascial Intensive, where they will travel to you or a retreat destination of your choosing!

Find out more to schedule your Intensive Retreat.


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