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White Sands

About Us

sunset at Lake Superior

Our Story


At the end of 2019, we put all  of our belongings in storage after six years in Yellow Springs Ohio, ready to embark on a new adventure.  For the previous 10 years we honed our skills as Expert Myofascial Release Therapists and worked on developing our dream to design a Myofascial Release Retreat Center and a program that was the most ideal for true change! No one would have thought that the covid-19 pandemic would afford us the opportunity to have our dream come true!!!

In April 2020, we moved to our cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to wait out the pandemic and begin working again. Little did we know, we were in our happy place and realized our dream was right in front of us. Having the time we went right to work on designing and building the Retreat Space and ultimate offerings. 

The Retreat Space was going to be a unique offering of only Myofascial Release Intensives with a nature immersion twist. We both love and know how important being in nature is to our health. The pandemic confirmed this! We make it a part of our everyday practice to hike, run and mountain bike the trails in and around Marquette Michigan especially the North Country Trail right in our backyard. The special gifts Lake Superior offers as we kayak to the beach from the Sand River are things we want to share with our clients as part of their healing process. 


Wanting to help anyone who sought out our work, and being gypsies at heart, we developed an offshoot of the Myofascial Experience. We designed the 10 day Traveling Intensive where we come-to-You!

So, as John Lennon said, "jump and the net will appear"; we took the leap and devoted ourselves to our dream and completed 17 Intensives in 2021, bringing hope and a new life for our clients. 


We look forward to connecting with you!

With Gratitude

Patti and Julie

Patti Mielziner sitting at fountain in Yellow Springs Ohio

Patti Mielziner, Expert MFRT, LMT, BioMechanics Specialist, Certified Applied Functional Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer

Patti has a unique eye of seeing where her client’s structure is out of balance and alignment due to injury, chronic postural patterns, overuse or trauma. She skillfully empowers her clients to listen to their intuitive mind to learn how to heal themselves.


Patti’s work is beneficial for all interested in creating body change, learning body awareness and preventing/recovering from chronic pain or athletic injury.​  


​The uniqueness of Patti’s practice is the progression from releasing the restriction(s) using Myofascial Release techniques to re-educating the impaired muscles to function properly creating lasting change for her clients to return to a pain-free life.

Julie Pies sitting at fountain in Yellow Springs Ohio

Julie Pies Expert MFRT,LMT, LPTA 

Julie started her manual therapy journey in 1991 after graduating from the University of Cincinnati Physical Therapy Assistant program. She became dedicated to the John F. Barnes Method of Myofascial Release in 1999 after trying out various physical therapy specialties.


She has been a part-time staff therapist at Therapy On The Rocks, John F. Barne's MFR comprehensive treatment center in Sedona, Arizona since 2006 and currently assists with John Barnes MFR seminars. 


Julie has a gift of "holding the container" for people to do their work and move through their healing process. Through deep listening she takes you under her wing to empower and inspire you. Her style encourages you to be curious about yourself and supports you to feel and let go of the pain that holds you back from living your life to the absolute fullest. 

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