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Sand Dunes

Upper Peninsula of Michigan Myofascial Retreats

Chronic Pain and Trauma Retreat

The only way out is through

If you have been experiencing reoccurring pain symptoms for more than 6 months, then it has become chronic!  We help you identify, feel and release what your body has been holding onto for months or years. Are you able to reframe how you define pain, frustration or anger.  Are you able to find the “gift”?  You have to feel to heal and we guide you through this process.  


If you feel stuck in your body then there is a good chance you are also stuck in your mind, spirit and emotions.  If one quadrant is stuck then they all will be stuck. We need to work each piece to unravel the pain you hold. You will deepen into the teachings of body awareness and the body's self-healing capabilities to break compensatory movement patterns and belief systems.


This offering is a true game changer for those with chronic issues!  We have created “the container” for you to be held, unjudged and nurtured to allow you to let go and become You!




patti and julie at the beach at sunset at Lake Superior

Life Transitions Retreat

Get beyond Yourself

We all have experienced a time in our life where we feel like a deer in the headlights, wishing for things to be like a favorable time in the past, or spiraling down a rabbit hole. The circumstance may be after a divorce, loss of a spouse/family member or friend, menopause, addictions, loss of or stuck in a career, retirement or change in life.


Our patterns control how we move through life and our beliefs become our biology. If your patterns don’t serve you, then you need to let them go or you will keep experiencing them over and over again. We want to know how do we move forward? 


The Myofascial Experience’s Life Transition Retreat helps “rewire” your mind/body/spirit and emotions to guide you on how you choose to respond to life. You will discover where you are out of balance and what is needed.   Change requires you to show up, show up and then show up again. You will deepen your consciousness of yourself and like our Shaman says, "Once you become conscious, there is no going back"!





The Myofascial Experience Intensive features...

We have taken extra care in creating a Myofascial Experience to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and focus on yourself by yourself! Your custom-designed 5 or 10 day retreat is based upon our Body Wisdom Myofascial Release Approach of Remember. Release. Retrain. Rebuild. 

You will have our undivided attention as we do not offer group intensives. We have found in order for a client to create authentic changes within themselves and have the opportunity to go deep and pull themselves out of their patterns, they must have a safe and supported environment. 

Our goal is to empower you to heal yourself!

photo of the geodesic dome on the retreat space property on Lake Superior
photo of patti and julie doing Myofascial Release Therapy

   You will receive:

  • up to 4 hours of hands-on Myofascial Release Therapy and  Movement Training per day with two expert level therapists. You will receive individual 90 minute sessions and/or multiple hands (2 therapists) 60-120 minute sessions.

  • We include daily check-in guidance sessions to your healing based upon the four directions (mind/body/spirit/emotions). We work through our emotional and thought patterns using Earth Based Wisdom Teachings and Wheel work to guide you on who you are, what you want, and where you want to go.

  • We will custom design a Myofascial Movement Toolbox with specific exercises to help you maintain and progress beyond your retreat.

  • Finally, we find the joy in life with adventure, exploration and fun in nature. 

  • Your stay will include lodging in your own geodesic "Dream Dome" with a panoramic forest view.  We took extra care in making it cozy and comfortable.  We provide nutritious, organic and local vegetarian based meals and will follow your dietary protocols.

  • We are always available to our clients after their intensive for further guidance, support and training. 

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