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Pure Bliss Immersion

A true game changer!  We invite you to come to our amazing nature retreat space in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to immerse yourself in a true healing experience. We have taken extra care in creating a Myofascial Experience to nourish your mind, body, spirit and emotions. Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and focus on yourself!

We provide a warm comfortable space and meals during your Intensive along with guided nature explorations.  Let's play together!


What To Expect

We will create a custom retreat for you dedicated to our Body Wisdom Myofascial Release Approach principles of Remember. Release. Retrain. Rebuild. 

  • 1-3 Day Intensive is a "KickStarter". It was designed for those of you who are looking for a boost forward in your program. Come get inspired again, get back into your groove and learn how to listen and tune into your body. This retreat of intuitive, deep and shift provoking care will help re-direct you on your healing path and prevent the build-up of body restrictions.  A great check in for yourself!

  • 5-10 Day Intensive is for those who want to deepen into the teachings of body awareness and the body's self-healing capabilities to break compensated movement patterns and belief systems.  These Intensives are designed for those in chronic pain from physical/emotional trauma, repetitive stress careers/activities or anyone wanting to make big shifts in his/her life.

  • You will receive a minimum of 4 hours of hands-on Myofascial Release Therapy and  Movement Training a day.

  • Each day will include multiple treatments to give you the opportunity to go deeply, pulling yourself out of your patterns, creating authentic changes within you.

  • We limit the Intensive Retreat to YOU! This allows us to devote our time to you individually.

 (If a family member or friend would like to join you, we can arrange for him/her to receive their own treatments)

*New Client Two Hour Evaluation and Treatment Sessions available for Local Residents

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