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White Sands

One Year Myofascial Journey

All About The Journey

We have created a One Year Journey to explore what makes you tick and help create new life patterns.  You will have four Intensives sprinkled throughout the year with at least one at the Sand River Retreat Space in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Your first Intensive will be 10 days focusing on our 1st Principle of "The Body Wisdom ApproachRelease.  You will receive 40 hours of Myofascial Release Therapy from two expert trained therapists along with the principles of unwinding and rebounding.  We will guide you through the process of releasing the fascial structures allowing the opportunity for your mind and body to return to a balanced system creating new healthy patterns.


Each following Intensive will build upon what you have learned including somatic and functional exercises to help Retrain and Rebuild your fascial systems.  They will range  between 5-10 days depending upon your needs and will be spaced out quarterly.  We will have weekly check-ins in between the intensives to support your process. 




gabrielle roth "if you don't do your dance, who will?"

A year of Discovery, Wonder and Healing!

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