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The Myofascial Experience has created 3 unique custom designed Myofascial Release Intensives to meet everyone's needs and desires.

A custom-designed 10 day Intensive Myofascial Release Retreat that comes

to you!

Journey into yourself with quarterly

Myofascial Release Intensives and weekly teachings.

Heal in the energy of Lake Superior with a nature inspired Myofascial Release

Intensive Retreat.

What Our Clients Say

Meg ~ Durham, North Carolina

The Myofascial Intensive with Julie and Patti has truly changed my life. I've lived with chronic pain for 13 years & have had many restrictions/freezing/limited mobility because of it. After 10 days of this immersive experience both myofascial bodywork & Functional Movement Training my body has come alive again, I have come alive again feeling hopeful and joyful and ENJOYING movement. I have more mobility than I thought possible and no pain!! Patti & Julie are warm, deeply intuitive, playful and truly embodied healers. They have given me my life back again. I 1000000% recommend this experience w them!!!

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