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Sand Dunes

Wellness Retreats for Two

Four Directions Vitality Retreat 

Deepening Connection

Let's face it, there is a special energy that we hold together! If we feel disconnected from the person in our life then we have less vitality.  This retreat will fill you up on a soul level as you reconnect with yourself and your person. 


We will create a custom 3-Day all inclusive retreat designed around the energies of the 4 directions and the human elements of mind, body, spirit and emotion helping you remember and feel your wholeness.  We will be mirrors for each other in this process. 

Your body will be revived by daily expert level Myofascial Release sessions, group unwinding and Myofascial Movement. Your spirit will be ignited by connection with nature, sunsets, hiking/kayaking.  Your mind will be expanded and see new possibilities as you create new experiences and feel inspired. Your emotions will come alive as your heart opens and allows you to express yourself and feel!  

You both will stay in our nature immersed geodesic dome and receive homemade organic meals.  Wood fired sauna ceremony will be available one night during your retreat. 


If you need to recharge, unplug and reconnect then consider this station to be your stop for a fill up!

We welcome family members, couples, or friends. If you are solo consider one of our other intensive retreats! 

patti and julie with friends dancing on the beach at Lake Superior at sunset
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