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Myofascial Release: A New Paradigm of Healing

The Body Wisdom Myofascial Release Approach is based upon the premise of Bringing Back Awareness. For without awareness there is no choice. We are all living in our heads trying to just survive, taking on too many things, and disconnecting from our bodies and nature. Basically we are becoming robots and just moving through life.


We have disconnected ourselves from our "body wisdom." The body’s feelings are now ignored and dismissed as unimportant or irrelevant. However, our feelings are the facts and if we do not listen to and respect our feelings, but allow our minds to create misinformed interpretations, then the body will give off a signal that something is wrong by triggering pain or injury. The fascial system is the first “victim” of the traumas by causing a binding down of the fascia which puts abnormal pressure on nerves, muscles, bones, organs, even down to the cellular level. The functions of the body: support, nutrition, protection, elimination, metabolism, and lymphatic flow do not process correctly.  

REMEMBER: As expert trained myofascial release therapists with backgrounds in physical therapy and biomechanics, we will identify through an evaluation and assessment your fascial restrictions. They are mostly the result of a lifetime buildup of repetitive movements, emotional holding, improper posture or direct traumas. As they are identified, you will develop an awareness of the “feeling” of the compensations. With this new found awareness, you will begin the process of breaking unhealthy postural patterns allowing yourself to catch the habits and correct them.

RELEASE: One of the most successful treatments in eliminating the fascial restrictions is the John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach. As expert therapists we are trained to guide you on how to connect with your fascia to help release it. We are focused on reaching  beyond the elastic barrier of the fascia to the collagenous barrier which is the portion of the fascia that will result in true structural change and allow you to create new patterns. In addition to hands-on manual therapy sessions, we will teach you the self-healing techniques of Unwinding and Rebounding to help keep your fascial system balanced as you return home.

RETRAIN: No matter how much treatment we receive it is how we move our bodies through life that determines how successful our healing will be. We will guide you through specific somatic retraining sessions to recreate a healthy trusting mind/body relationship. We need to change the message the body is sending. Your traumas create holding patterns for protection (Ex. a limp develops after you break a leg, abdominal or digestive issues develop as a result of fear or being locked in survival mode, rounded shoulders develop after a car accident or from physical abuse as protection.) These exercises rebalance the system to teach the mind to trust your new movement and mobility capabilities. 

REBUILD: Once your fascial system is balanced, we will teach you how to strengthen your fascial and muscular systems for more coordinated movement patterns. Research finds that it is not enough to just stretch and strengthen muscles, but that training the whole fibrous fascial system in which muscles live is important to building a strong, balanced, and coordinated muscular system. (Thomas Myers  of Anatomy Trains.). If the “fascial” body is well trained (optimally elastic and resilient) it can be relied upon to perform effectively. 

The Body Wisdom Myofascial Release Approach’s goal is to help you develop a "new" fascial communication system, learn healthy movement patterns, and strengthen the fascial system to provide you with “One Body” – balanced and pain-free.

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