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Learn Why The Myofascial Experience is a true game changer!

Myofascial Release Intensive Yellow Springs, Ohio

When we started out as myofascial release therapists we set up a practice similar to the traditional practitioner and offered individual treatment sessions to our clients. Many would come regularly on a weekly or monthly basis and we would notice some improvement in their fascial system but we found we were having to release the same areas over and over again. Frustrated that we were not successful in eliminating our client's pain permanently, we spent the next 10 years developing The Body Wisdom Myofascial Release Approach.

As we all know breaking any habit is difficult. Our movement patterns are no different. We cannot expect change in anything we do to happen overnight. The fascia is the first system to be impacted when we experience trauma. If we do not release the restriction and the memory of the event, we will develop compensations in our muscular system that allows us to continue moving. Over time we may forget that we broke our ankle but we are still limping and in many cases don't even know we are still doing it. This benign limp creates havoc in our body and months or years later we develop pain or injury in our back, hip or neck. We wonder how this happened. Rarely will we relate it back to the ankle injury.

Welcome to the world of Fascia! Everything in our body is encased in fascia and it runs from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet three dimensionally. All of our memories and experiences live in our fascia and if they are not resolved or healed, the fascial system will lock down and send "survival" signals to all of our other systems, i.e., digestive, muscular, circulatory, skeletal and nervous. Have you tried every elimination diet for digestive issues and still not found results? An unfortunate culprit may be that the fascial system is restricted and the proper signals are not getting to the digestive system to function properly. The diet is like "pouring water on a rock!" Many times we are stuck in our sympathetic nervous system-a "fight or flight" pattern and in order for our bodies to protect us and keep us "alive", it will shut down or reduce the function of our other systems, especially the digestive system.

We have learned that releasing the fascial system alone is not enough for true change. Our mind will always take the path of least resistance and will fall back into the patterns it knows. In order for us to eliminate pain and dysfunction, we must create new patterns and learn how to maintain them. The Body Wisdom Myofascial Release Approach is based upon the principals of Remember. Release. Retrain. Rebuild.

We have created The Myofascial Experience, a custom designed intensive that implements the Body Wisdom Myofascial Release Approach. It is a true game changer!

We are dedicated to helping anyone and everyone wanting to find balance and live with joy!

Stay Curious!

Patti and Julie



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