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Discover the Power of Myofascial Release Intensives

When you experience pain or trauma the healthcare system wants to "fix" the symptom. Often this leads you to endure years of struggle and dead ends. ​

We offer an opportunity to try a different way of healing.  The Myofascial Experience offers custom designed Intensives based upon our "Body Wisdom Approach".  Combining the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach with our custom designed somatic and functional training program, we address and help correct the root of why you are in pain or experiencing trauma.  We know where the pain is located but we look elsewhere for the cause! ​It is not about putting a label on your symptoms, but helping to release the "dis-ease" and bringing balance back into your system. 

The traditional method to treatment (regular weekly or monthly hourly sessions) has not been successful for long-lasting or permanent change. In order for the body to trust and accept the fascial changes to break dysfunctional structural or emotional patterns, we have found that cumulative and successive treatments provides the best opportunity for success. 

TRUE CHANGE happens when you are able to commit yourself to your healing process. Our Intensives focus on creating change in your physical and emotional patterns that led to your pain or injury. Our brain listens to signals from the body so we need to intentionally change the message the body is sending. This is accomplished with repetitive treatment and training. Our Intensives were  created as an immersion to help you deepen into the teachings of body awareness and the body's self-healing capabilities to break, compensated movement patterns and belief systems. Our Intensives are beneficial for those in chronic pain, repetitive stress careers, athletics or those dealing with complex structural and/or emotional trauma life experiences. This is a life-changing experience in which you are engaged to participate in creating real authentic change in your life and your body!

The Myofascial Experience is for anyone and everyone wanting to move toward a more healthy connected life!

Our Offerings

Myofascial Release Intensive Treatment Space

A custom-designed 10 day Intensive Myofascial Release Retreat that comes

to you!

Heal in the energy of Lake Superior with a nature inspired Myofascial Release

Intensive Retreat.

Journey into yourself with quarterly

Myofascial Release Intensives and weekly teachings.

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